Monday, October 31, 2011

"Water Witcher" in High Demand.

It is appropriate that I have my very own water witcher, it being Halloween tonight.  This odd phenomena was useful when He Who Must Be Obeyed served as the Superintendent of Public Works in a small town north of the Black Hills in South Dakota.  Not only could he find water for wells, but he could also locate both water and sewer pipes underground.  He tells me he was taught the ancient skill of dowsing from Mr. Nicodemus who was his meter reader.  Nicodemus would find a dime in a sand-pile with his witching rods.  One can also use willow branches.  My own witcher was pretty good at it.  He said the problem was that he could find too much stuff.

I was reminded of this a few days ago when our daily newspaper ran an article from Abilene, Texas.  Dowsers are in high demand there because of the drought.   It works by holding two L shaped divining rods. One walks slowly over the ground until feeling the rods move.  When they cross it is a signal of a potential water source.

We built a home in Cleghorn Canyon west above Rapid City.  He found water alright but it was 300 feet down.  Water witching has nothing to do with the occult, nor Halloween.  It also entertains small children and grandmothers.

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