Saturday, January 07, 2012

So Dark So Long

It is 7:04 a.m. in Omaha and there is no sign of light yet.  Not through the closed drapes, anyway.  I see on that the latest sunrises for mid northern latitudes is around January 5. And then there is that solstice that does not mean much to when the sun sets and rises.   "For example, sunrise time in the central U.S. – say, around Wichita, Kansas – for the next several days will be around 7:45 in the morning." 

With Epiphany yesterday what can we do, those of us who wish Christmas could go on a little longer.  Maybe start gearing up for it around Halloween like the rest of the masses, and I do not mean the Advent service folks.  I think it is that word 'mass' that divide the Catholics and we Lutherans.  It should be abolished and we could be one Christian family.  Maybe 'services' makes Catholics think about the army.  I don't know and it is way too early to think.

I am sad that we are not having a proper winter.  My lilacs want to bloom and are budding out, I have been told by my better half.  The pool freezes at night and thaws out by dinner time.  The photo header of that wonderful snowfall we had earlier is all I have to remind me what time of year it is.  It melted and now nothing but brown grass and dirt.  The grass is struggling to green up, however.

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