Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now and Then

Near Omaha, in Shenandoah, IA, old Harold Camping is intensifying his warnings from California that the world will end this coming Saturday.  The billboards are up in Omaha, the Shenandoah, Iowa radio station alerts the sinners to repent on KYFR-AM 920 on Family Radio. Folks in Omaha have been given Judgement Day warning in grocery stores.  Newspapers have given it more coverage than it really deserves. It attracts the reader's attention.  Broadcasts also can be heard at

Shall we brace up the house for the earthquake or buy a t-shirt.  "Don't miss out on your chance to purchase a Judgement Day 2011 "Rapture Ready" t-shirt TODAY!"  The internet entrepreneurs are getting into the game.  How will that work, I wonder. Will the 'ready' wear their t-shirt to the Rapture or will they have to add the word "Not" to it?  It would be terribly exciting if I were ten again and open to this sort of hype.  I wonder if anyone actually believes this sort of thing?

So this is the 'now' and the 'then' is yet more amazing.  A son called to ask instructions about building an outdoor toilet.  How deep? A two seater or one?  Listening to his dad give him the instructions on seat height and hole depth, and other particulars was simply the last thing I would ever have expected.  I think it is very practical.  He lives in the country and is building a swimming pool and has grandchildren.  His septic system, he thinks, will never keep up with the anticipated overload.

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