Thursday, June 09, 2011

Brule' and Company

Our third son and his wife have planned a visit tomorrow. He and his wife are building a swimming pool in their back yard. The preliminary work is not for the faint of heart.  Like father like son...they both do everything themselves.  

He is getting plenty of advice from He Who Must Be Obeyed;  most of it from first hand experience and a civil engineer background.  We put a pool in the back yard over 30 years ago and I was informed that the water was 90' at the moment.  The weather is threatening thunder and lightening.  Not a good combination for swimming.

Omaha's downtown art fair is this weekend.  the Native American group, Brule', will be performing tomorrow afternoon and evening.  I am so hoping we will be able to go to hear them.  The link takes you to Minnesota Post Cards and a feature story of this amazing man, his family, and his music.  I first heard the group on the street in Deadwood, SD years ago.  The selection is fairly long but if you can hang in with it for about 3 or 4 minutes you will get a glimps of the adventure and the epiphany.  If  are still with the program at 13 minutes  Paul LaRoche explains the mystery of his journey and you will experience a little of the group's performance in Branson, MO. 

 We have our own Fancy Dancer in our extended family.  If I have genealogy correct he is a first cousin twice removed or a third cousin.  He has impressive duds.


Hildred and Charles said...

What an interesting linl, Willo. I have to go and attend to supper right now, but I'm going to come back this evening and explore further.

Willo said...

It is always pure pleasure to have our children, no matter what the age, come to visit. They were game for the adventure down town. Although it was chilly, a bit windy, cloudy, and drizzling at the end of our adventure, we were ready, sitting on a planter wall, and ready for the music to begin. Alas, no one could get the PA system to hour later we gave up any hope for music so went to our favorite Greek restaurant for dinner. I played a Brule' CD when we got home. The art fair was extensive and impressive. Expensive too, I might add.