Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nebraska in the Fall: Football, Football, Football

A great many folks think life revolves around the Nebraska Corn-huskers.  They have played to a sell out crowd of about 85,000 in the Lincoln, NE stadium for many years.  My elderly neighbor across the street called me once and asked me if I would go to the game with her.  She had two tickets and the men of our houses were going to watch it on television.  We climbed to the third tier from the top.  It rained on us.  The bench was narrow and people were literally hip to hip.  It was awful.  It would have helped to know the game and what was what.

I can see why people get all worked up about the players, the coaches, the stadium, and red, red, red. Even our church asked us to wear red one Reformation happened to be a game weekend as well.  There is something contagious about being a fan.  I do not know what is the matter with me.  I believe I have always been out of sync.  A friend told me once that being a fan of some sport or another is a healthy thing.  It gives a person the feeling of belonging to a group.

I found a bug cage for my grandchildren visiting Omaha in July.  The lawns are full of fire-flies.  Kids are not the only people attracted to a bug.  I just washed the little bug cage that looks like a lantern.  I am not as fast as a cricket but I am hoping to catch one without breaking its legs.  If I can I will bring it in the house to sing its beautiful song to me.

My mother would have been 99 today.  I miss her good sense, her interest in everything around her; coming from South Dakota, she asked the Assisted Living people if they would please put up a map of Nebraska showing the counties.  She needed to know where the tornadoes were when the watches and warnings were on television.  Most of all I miss the fact that she prayed for all of us continually.  On the other hand she was spared some of the more unseemly events in the family.

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