Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Blue Bottle Gardens

My Little Blue Bottle Collection
Our church women's groups had a combined Spring meeting not long ago.  The speakers were Master Gardeners, one from the Lauritzen Botanical Garden and the other a nice former teacher friend who is a member of our congregation.

I had the pleasure of sitting with him and his wife for the luncheon and he asked me if I was familiar with blue bottle gardens.  The concept was new to me as well as intriguing.  There are a few hits within blogs for Blue Bottle Gardens I discovered.

My hunt was on for blue bottles.  I had three small ones that I placed in a pot of ivy; and as my dearest walked by the wines at Aldi's last week, he selected two in blue bottles.  It is a Landshut Riesling Mosel 2011 from Germany.  I guess the next pleasure will be to open them, but not for a while.  Being no wine connoisseur, I have no idea what it will be like.

Our Cozy Corner
The afternoon sun pours through the blue glass into this window facing west.  As you can see one of the chairs is used a great deal more than the other one.  This is a sight that I see nearly every afternoon after lunch.

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Hildred and Charles said...

Love your blue bottle garden, Willo, - and am very familiar with the sight of your after lunch napper - looks just like the one I have here!