Saturday, August 25, 2012

Use it or Lose it.

This afternoon I tried to log in to this site on my Kindle, which I have had long enough so I should have all of its capabilities mastered.  I do not.  As I Googled my way to this URL on the Kindle, I could not get access to it.  Instead I got a notice that my domain name was for sale.  Did I want to buy it?  That got my attention.  It is quite a relief to find nothing about that at this moment.

I wish I had been a regular writer all summer.  Now that I have had my miracle pain patch, perhaps my life will settle down and once more I will anticipate the daily delightful activities. It is very good to wake up to several task possibilities, each one equally enjoyable.  Today we, he and I, sorted and boiled the Concord grapes into the jelly juice to be canned tomorrow.  A couple of weeks ago we made 8 quarts of the jeweled purple perfection.  Jelly making has a wonderful aroma. I think there is something to aroma therapy.  All of my good feelings seem to be associated with food, unfortunately.  Ah, well

You know that visual illusion in which looking one way a person sees an old hag and another way is a beautiful young girl...well pain can give a person two sides that change equally fast with relief from the beast.  As I write this, I think the word "hag" is about the worst word in our vocabulary and to be sure there are a lot of 'worst words.'

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